About Us

Choosing a Doctor

We realize that choosing a physician isn't easy, especially if you've sought care before that did not help resolve your medical condition. Some factors to consider are:

How Specialized is the Physician?

Does he or she work solely with one type of condition, or is he or she a generalist, moving from one area of the body to another per patients?

At Coastal Spine, we believe that being specialized offers an incredibly benefit to our patients. As spine only specialists, we are not only able to recognize the root of your back or neck pain, but we also up to date on the latest information and technology available to return to you back to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

How was the Physician Trained?

All of our physicians are board-certified, and many have completed prestigious fellowships in their specific fields. All of our doctors joined Coastal Spine after successful careers in local hospitals and healthcare systems. They came here because they wanted to work solely with problems of the neck and spine, providing our patients with the best possible treatments and practices in the region.

Is the Physician Surgery Prone?

We are focused on nonsurgical solutions to back and neck pain and are always willing to look at other options first. While we realize that surgery is sometimes the only option, we work with our patients to try other recovery methods first. Even when we do perform surgery, we strive to do so in a minimally invasive way that often doesn't require a hospital stay. This makes recovery as simple and pain free as possible.

Will My Insurance Company Cover My Treatments?

Cost is of course a factor, which is why Coastal Spine accepts a variety of health insurance plans. Even if we are not considered in-network to your plan, we can work with you and your insurance company on making sure that you can receive the care you need, and afford it. We have a dedicated team that works specifically on insurance issues as related to care, and they are here to help you every step of the way.