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  1. Backpain

    Dr. Kam Momi discusses chronic back causes and symptoms on this CN8 special.

  2. Backpacks and Backpain

    CN8 special on backpack size, backaches, and how much should actually be in your child's backpack. See Dr. Michael Paul discuss the connection between lower back pain and backpacks.

  3. Smoking and Back Pain

    ABC segment that links smoking to back pain. See Dr. Kam Momi discuss the connection between smoking and discs in the back.

  4. Bra Size and Pain Relief

    NBC segment that discusses the connection between bra fit and neck and back pain. Dr. Seth Scholl talks about how to find a bra that won't lead to back pain.

  5. Tattoos and Pain Medication

    This NBC segment  featuring Dr. Scott Jarmain discusses the potential risks of receiving lower back pain medication when a patient has a tattoo.