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Coastal Spine is a highly specialized practice. We see patients who have experienced back and neck pain for the first time and patients who have tried other types of treatment without relief. Whatever your condition, we will get you back to normal activity as smoothly and as soon as possible. That's our committment to you.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Coastal Spine is focused entirely on treatment of the neck and spine.  Sometimes, we will need to alleviate the existing pain before you can work on physical therapy and other nonsurgical therapies to get you back to yourself as soon as possible. One of the ways we can attempt to alleviate that distress is through radiofrequency ablation.

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Nonsurgical Pain Relief

At Coastal Spine, we focus on nonsurgical methods of relieving neck and back pain. Our top priority is to get you back to normal function as soon as possible without requiring surgery.

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Epidural Steroid Injections

Coastal Spine is focused entirely on treating problems of the neck and spine. Sometimes, we need to alleviate moderate to severe pain before patients can start physical therapy.  Other times, there might be residual pain that exists after physical therapy and other nonsurgical therapies.

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Nerve Conduction Studies & EMG

Many types of symptoms and pain are directly related to the nerves in the back and neck. They not only affect your back and neck, but those nerves can also control pain and sensation in other areas of the body. We conduct two different tests jointly to study nerves and muscles in order to determine the extent of your condition: nerve conduction studies and electromyography (commonly known as an EMG).

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