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Nerve Conduction Studies & EMG

Many types of symptoms and pain are directly related to the nerves in the back and neck. They not only affect your back and neck, but those nerves can also control pain and sensation in other areas of the body.

We conduct two different tests jointly to study nerves and muscles in order to determine the extent of your condition: nerve conduction studies and electromyography (commonly known as an EMG):

Nerve Conduction Studies

This part of the study determines how well the body's electrical signals travel to a nerve.


This part of the study determines that status of any muscle problems.

It is commonly thought of this this test to be very painful and uncomfortable.  At CoastalSpine, Dr. Scholl has perfected the art of a “Pain-less” EMG.  Using a special technique, we hope to make your test experience as comfortable as possible with minimal discomfort.  Many patients who have had them performed by other physicians and then had them performed through us, consistently comment that “it was not as bad as I thought it would be”.  The test can take anywhere form 30 to 60 minutes.