Nonsurgical Pain Relief

At Coastal Spine, we focus on nonsurgical back pain relief methods. Our top priority is to get you back to normal function as soon as possible without requiring surgery.

We do this in a variety of ways.

Physical Therapy

We provide physical therapy, including a mix of exercises to strengthen muscles in the back and neck, and stretching to increase flexibility. Together, these methods allow your muscles to support the spine and relieve many issues associated with back and neck pain. We have physical therapists on-site who will coordinate with your physician on the appropriate exercises and stretches for your individual problem and together, track your progress.

Injection Therapy

Other non-surgical pain relief approaches we offer are injections, including cortisone injections, epidural steroid injections, trigger point injections and nerve blocks. These injections work by stopping the worst of your pain and giving you and your physician an opportunity to correct the problem through physical therapy while you are not in acute distress.


Much like injections, medicines, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, can help temporarily relieve pain and inflammation, allowing you to live with less pain while you and your physician work on correcting the issue that is the root of your back or neck pain. Coastal Spine makes every attempt not to use narcotics as part of your pain management regimen unless necessary. We feel treating the underlying cause is more important and increases effectiveness of pain relief in the long-term.