Primary Care Providers

Coastal Spine is a multidisciplinary spine center focused on nonsurgical solutions to back and neck pain. We are a regional Center of Excellence, working with patients from around the region on complex cases to end chronic pain, and return them back to normal activity and health as soon as possible.

Nonsurgical Approach

We place emphasis on a nonsurgical approach to back and neck problems. While surgery may be appropriate in some cases, we explore all nonsurgical options first so that you can get back to being pain free as soon as possible.

Specialized Orthopedic Spine Surgeons and Neurosurgeons

Though we focus on nonsurgical solutions to back and neck pain, we know that some patients do require surgery to return to their normal activity levels and lifestyles, which is why our group includes specialized orthopedic spine surgeons and spine neurosurgeons.

Everything Under One Roof

No more shuttling back and forth between doctor’s offices. We are one of the only spine centers in New Jersey to combine spine-specialized orthopedic surgeons and spine neurosurgeons together with specialists in nonsurgical disciplines for treatment of back and neck pain.

On-Site Physical Therapy

We also have our own physical therapy center and procedure suite on site. Everything a patient could need – from diagnostic testing to physical therapy to nonsurgical procedures – can be found at CoastalSpine.

Many of our patients come to CoastalSpine after other methods of treatment, even from other orthopedic professionals, have failed to alleviate pain or correct their back and neck issues. The spine is our sole focus, and the only conditions we treat. We are the experts on these issues in the region, and we look forward to discussing your patients’ specific needs with you to work together to return them to normal activity.