Spondylolysis is a stress fracture between the weak point of two vertebrae found in adolescent athletes, adults and seniors. Coastal Spine is a highly-specialized facility with a host of treatments to solve spondylolysis symptoms.

Causes of Spondylolysis

Spondylolysis is caused by a variety of different issues:

  • Overuse. In adolescents, spondylolysis is typically found in athletes ages 10 to 15 whose sport requires repetitive motions of the back. We see spondylolysis symptoms most often in gymnasts, drivers, wrestlers and children who compete in the high jump and javelin events of track and field.
  • Repetitive stress. After a long period of time, elongation and weakening of the bone begins to develop and leads to fracture.  The vertebrae then loosen, resulting in slippage referred to as spondylolisthesis.  The slippage or spondylolisthesis is graded from one to four.  The higher the number, the worse the slip.
  • Genetics

Spondylolysis Symptoms

  • Low back ache
  • Pain at the fracture site
  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of range-of-motion


The first step toward a diagnosis will be a physical exam by one of our physicians. Spondylolysis can also be diagnosed by X-ray, MRI, or CT scan.

Spondylolysis Treatment

Coastal Spine has several spondylolysis treatments, including: