Protecting Your Back This Holiday Season

Dec 23, 2022


Be Careful On High Surfaces

If your decorations require you to climb on your roof to install them, make sure you take the necessary precautions to do so. Even if your roof isn’t that high, the slightest misstep can cause you to tumble and leave you in a world of hurt. 

While up on the top of your home, mind your footing and be aware of your surroundings because not paying attention can lead to serious trouble. Also, ensure that your surface is safe enough to support your weight, as an unstable surface opens the door to danger. When up high with your decorations, take your time and don’t be in a hurry to get it done. This approach can ensure that you do the job safely and avoid dangerous situations.

Work In Safe Weather

Although working while the weather is clear would seem to be obvious, some people choose to try and prepare for holiday festivities in poor conditions. Not only does this increase your risk of having a dangerous fall, but it can also expose you to other hazards that can come from working in the elements. Make sure to operate while the weather is clear and dry to ensure your safety. 

Also, ensure you avoid icy surfaces because slipping and falling on ice is a back injury waiting to happen. Only work in dry conditions so you can lessen your chances of injury.

Don’t Work Alone

Putting up decorations on your own is tempting, but doing so brings trouble. While pleasing to the eye, some decorations can be heavy and need more than one person to install them. If an object is too large, don’t attempt to move it or install it alone because lifting sizable objects by yourself can increase the chances of something going wrong. Have a partner nearby who can help you with these tasks and keep you safe from hazards.

The holiday season is an exciting time for many people, but suffering a back injury can damage the fun. Taking precautions and protecting yourself can help ensure your holiday season is pain-free and full of joy. Unfortunately, back problems can occur despite our best efforts. 

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